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Free Class: Italian Beaches

Ciao amici,

Temperatures are rising… and will be staying there for a while. Even before the official beginning of summer, Italy was already in a heatwave. This isn’t stopping tourists from traveling to Italy. After years of the pandemic, who would push back their vacations again? Besides, what’s the fastest cure for an Italian heatwave? More gelato!

Obviously, there’s a deeper climatic issue threatening the Mediterranean, but I’ll leave that to the onsite environmental activists. What I can do is provide inspiration on where to cool off in Italy by offering a free class all about beautiful Italian beaches – some of which you may have never heard of! Italy's coastline is about 4,900 miles in length, so I won’t be able to cover it all in this 1-hour virtual tour, but the beaches I’ve selected will take you up and down the peninsula to some of the most treasured seascapes.

Along with the visuals, you’ll be provided with the local history, cuisine and activities of region. You will also get a detailed beach vocabulary list to prepare you for your Italian getaway, whether it's this summer or next.

Please join me next Wednesday, June 29 at 7pm EST via Zoom for a fun, educational, Italian beach escape! And it’s free!

Sign up via the link below:

Ci vediamo presto!! Lisa


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