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Meet Lisa

Experience in Italy:


Lisa lived in Italy for nearly 10 years. She began in Florence as an art student, adamant to learn every nook and cranny of Italian culture and language, she moved to Rome to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Studies. Afterwards she returned to Florence to complete a Master’s Degree in Women and Minority Studies from University of Florence (completely in Italian) then an additional Master’s degree in Italian Studies from NYU La Pietra.


During this time, she worked in hospitality and education, lived with Italians, traveled throughout the country (including a “study abroad” in Syracuse, Sicily) and conquered the ins and outs of Italian lifestyle.


Italian language instructor:

Lisa has taught hundreds of Italian enthusiasts throughout her career as a language and cultural instructor, starting in Seattle and now in New York and New Jersey.

Lisa Saunders Italian language and culture instructor. Photo by Caroline Sinno

Wine Educator:

It’s impossible to live in Italy without direct contact with wine both in the bottle and on the land. Lisa’s knowledge of Italian was inherent to her life abroad, drinking local wines, passing by vineyards and spending time in the “cantine” with friends. She also worked at a wine shop in Brooklyn for several years, worked for an Italian Wine Importer and is now the Director of Operations at Astor Center. 


Fully-fluent and precise accuracy is how Lisa teaches her students, her mastery of Italian language is also reflected through her translations. She has several years-experience translating marketing materials, academic works and religious writings.


New York Life:

Living in the East Village, Lisa is always seeking out an Italian experience whether it be culinary, artistic or cultural – she’s there. She loves the Euro-influence of the City, is well-adapted to the frenetic lifestyle and can’t imagine living anywhere else.


Other interesting facts:

  • Lisa has practiced Japanese longbow archery for several years, attending seminars and taking rank exams in Japan and on both the West and East Coast of USA and Canada.


  • Lisa is an avid long-distance runner and has completed four marathons with excellent timing. She also enjoys (well… actually puts up with) yoga.


  • She volunteers for the Hospice, making in-person visits to terminally and chronically ill patients.


  • Lisa’s cooking and baking skills are out of this world – ask any friend, make friends with Lisa – or just attend a class or two and you’ll likely get a taste of your own!

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