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Benvenuti to a collection of free videos where you will find guided grammar lessons and listening exercises to help build your vocabulary. 

New videos are being uploaded regularly, so check back often for more ways to practice at your pace!

Italian pronunciation - the key of communication 

Italian is phonetic, meaning that everything is pronounced how it is spelled. The key to being understood, even if your grammar is off and you may not have a full vocabulary, is to have correct pronunciation. Here is the perfect place to start.

Interview with Wine Shop Owner Maria Passero

Here is how to experience wines by small, high-quality producers from all over Italy without leaving Florence: go to VIneggiando by Maria Passero in piazza Giorgini. Learn more about her shop Vineggiando and her wine mission - all while practicing your Italian listening skills.

Interview with RAI3 Toscana reporter Gianni Mammoliti

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