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Interview with the Italians

Ciao Amici,


I hope your 2024 is off to a good start!


I’m finalizing the itinerary for my trip to Italy next week and I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite places in Florence. Additionally, I will be interviewing a few locals:


Un giornalista: A journalist from the news broadcast RAI 3 Toscana about current events in Italy and how Italians receive the news.


Un gelataio: A gelato maker will tell us about the most popular flavors amongst the Florentines vs the tourists and which flavors he wishes customers would order more often.


Un poeta: A poet who has published multiple books will share how living in Florence, Tuscany and visiting other parts of Italy inspire his poetry.


Un disegnatore di gioielli: A jewelry designer and I will discuss the materials she uses and how it feels crafting unique Italian souvenirs.


Un negoziante di vini: A wine shop owner will enlighten us with current trends in Italian wine and how to drink like a local.


The interviews will be in Italian with English subtitles and uploaded to my website. Where possible, I will live stream on Instagram so make sure to follow me at @Immerse_Italy!


Do you have any questions for these professionals? Reply to this email and tell me what you want to know!


A presto!


Un abbraccio, Lisa


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