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Your Italian Dreams Come True

Carissimi Amici,

Long-term learning starts with finding the right teacher. My thoughtful, tailored-for-you lessons are anything but a one-size-fit-all classroom. With so many reasons why to learn Italian, let’s take some time to look at the how: The Immerse Italy Learning Method, a proven path to Italian culture and language that almost certainly will also lead to…. wine!

The Immerse Italy Learning Method

Start with what you love

  • ​What inspires you about Italy? Are you passionate about Italian food and wine? History and culture? Some long to reconnect with their Italian heritage. I’ve had musicians, artists, travel bugs, scientists, lawyers and marketing experts in my classroom. There is something about Italy for everyone.

Gather what you know

  • ​You might be amazed when you realize how much Italian you already know: terra cotta, finale, ciabatta, stiletto… the list is longer than you think and these words are the launchpad for literacy and pronunciation. Perhaps you’ve studied or speak another Romance language - this is a head start!

Be ambitious

  • ​Italian is a challenging language. My guidance will have you understanding the basics and conversational in just four lessons. Already know some Italian? My intermediate and advanced level class will fill in the gaps and bridge your linguistic skills to fluency.

Commit to your goals

  • I will never let you lose sight of your Italian dreams. My scholastic and practical real life classes help you retain and maintain what you’ve learned while expanding your language skills and exploring new facets of Italy.

Immerse Italy's personalized, thought-provoking and memorable classes will strike your passion for Italy, bringing motivation and achievement. I call them social learning experiences- they are a fun mini-vacation you can look forward to every week.

Classes are always forming, contact Lisa at to embark on the path that will bring you to Italy! Check in with for more updates and free study materials.

Who do you know that wants to learn Italian? Pass along this newsletter!

Con affetto,



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