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Tropical Notes   

Carissimi amici,

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start. I definitely can’t complain because I was hiding out in Hawaii for a few weeks. What do Hawaii and Italy have in common? Aside from beautiful beaches and fresh seafood – pretty much nothing. However, the availability of fresh fruits that I typically don’t consume in New York (or accustomed to the Lip Smacker flavor) gave me the opportunity to really define the broad wine tasting note tropical. I’m excited to pinpoint these flavors in my summer wine line up:

Mango: Mango was in abundance, freshly picked and at the height of their growing season. I was amazed by the perfumed florals and was quickly reminded of Gewürztraminer!

Pineapple: I was offered a flight of pineapple wine at MauiWine, but I passed and went straight to their estate grown reserve flight of vitis vinifera. I'll be looking for notes of pineapple in my next glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Papaya: Subtle and sweet. I wasn’t too familiar with papaya prior to my trip, I was surprised by the alien eggs (goopy seeds) hiding within. I bet you can find this flavor embedded between the citrus and florals of a Moscato d’Asti or even a late harvest Riesling.

Coconut: Wine textbooks often describe the distinctive aroma of coconut and vanilla in wines aged in new American oak. I get it, but I’m excited to really taste it out on my next bottle of Rioja.

As a wine and culture educator, I’m excited to share my tropical tasting experiences with you. When picturing Hawaii, we imagine tiki cocktails with little paper umbrellas - but how about a class on tasting the tropics in wine? Make happy hour exotic by learning to identify and enjoy tropical notes in your wines! I'll even have some island-inspired food pairings (don't worry - spam not included).

To sign up: visit Social Wine Events and wait for the pop up or reply to this email.

Current availability :

Saturday June 26 - afternoon

Thursday July - evening

More classes are forming! Are you ready for 4-week Sandals Camp? Italy is reopening - be ready! Now's the time to get started or brush up on your Italian.

Have a wonderful week!

Un abbraccio,



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