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Tomorrow: Free Italian Class!

Ciao amici,

Come state? Imagine escaping the cold, just for an hour, to a warm beach in Sicily, a cozy cabin in Alto Adige or cruising through the sunny hills of Tuscany. While I can’t supply the airplane tickets or change of weather patterns, I can lead you in a super fun Italian aperitivo where you will learn (or refresh) the fundamentals of this beautiful language.

Here’s your chance to try it for free – Wednesday January 26th at 7pm EST. Pour yourself a glass of Italian wine or San Pellegrino and let’s take the first steps into the selva oscura of Italian grammar.

We love talking about food, life and breathtaking landscapes in Immerse Italy's piccolo villaggio. This class is for everyone, even if you’re not quite ready to jump headfirst into learning Italian, or if you’re already fluent in Italian - stroll into our little village and say ciao.

Let me bring Italy to you!

A domani!! Lisa


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