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Italian Sparkling Wine Class

Carissimi amici,

One thing this year has taught us is self-care: enjoy what you have as life changes day by day. For this reason, I’ve been opening bottles from my long-term wine storage unit more often as well as indulging in sparkling wine without a particular celebration. Popping bubbles is joyful - from the sound of the cork booming from the bottle, to the foamy sound as it fills your flute, to watching the lively little balls of air race to the top as you sip the glass: sparkling wine is inherently pleasing.

Italian sparkling wine immediately invokes the thought of Prosecco, and fair enough, what better way to start the weekend or brunch than with these gorgeous bubbles! Maybe I’m such a Scorpio, but I get more engaged and enjoy things more when I have a better understanding and appreciation for them. So, let’s dive deep into Italian Sparkling Wines and I will take you through a virtual journey of bubbly in Italy! We’ll go through and beyond Prosecco, you will learn about the rich history and culture of Italian sparkling wine throughout the Peninsula, all while picking up some handy Italian vocabulary.

When: December 12th, 3:00 pm

Where: Zoom (Duh)

What you'll need: This educational class will provide skills for choosing Italian sparkling wines, no need to shop in advance – but if you want to have a weekend afternoon sipper, go for it, I surely will be!

Cost: $20 per participant

How: You may go ahead and RSVP for the event via the link below, payment information will be sent to you upon registration.

Why: Because we love Italy, miss it, need self-care, need to engage – even if virtually, love bubbly wine, want to prepare for the holidays, need wine selection skills, want to know about Italian history and culture, strive for the best Saturday ever are open to surprises and so on!

I hope to see you there! Have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season.

Un abbraccio,



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