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Have Some Italian Fun

Ciao Amici,

I hope everyone is enjoying this Fall season as much as possible. I cut down on screen time to enjoy nature and the (disconcerting) warm temperatures, and of course, got distracted by current events. It looks like we’re going to be social distancing through the holidays, so I’m chiming in today to offer online wine classes as a fun and safe way to connect with your coworkers, friends and family over the next few months.

I can arrange the perfect event for Italian wine and culture education as a team happy hour, family event, birthday party, holiday celebration or gift. As a specialist in all things Italian, I have a broad range of topics and themes and will gladly tailor the class to fit your wishes. Here is a list of pre-pandemic past events that can be altered into virtual versions, and other fantastic proposals:

  • Christmas Traditions in Italy

  • Italian Language Crash Course (all levels)

  • Wines for Holiday Meals

  • Desserts throughout Italy

  • Rosé Wine for Winter

  • Italian Bread: Regions and History

  • Wine in Italian Literature

  • Art History (you pick the topic)

  • Italian Fashion: Work from Home Edition

  • Italian for Children

  • Pasta and Sauces Pairing

  • Behind the Scenes of Great Italian Films

If you’d like more information on setting up an event, reply to this newsletter or write to and I’ll send you the PDF with instructions and we’ll get the conversation rolling!

Buona domenica xo



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