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Free Italian Wine Class

Ciao Amici,

What would you be doing in Italy right now? I’d be likely be outside of Florence, catching up with old friends, their dogs and most definitely drinking wine alongside the homemade food that my profusely generous hosts would be providing (after a defensive reminder that I don’t eat meat).

I know so many of you have had to postpone your long-anticipated trips to Italy. I understand how hard it is to accept that we won’t be going to Italy this year (if you’re an American reader). In hopes of offering some consultation, I want to make the glimpse of Italy I have to offer accessible to anyone and everyone missing our Bel Paese.

Join me: Thursday, August 27th at 7:00 pm EST for a free online Italian Wine Class!

Here’s the agenda for an interactive hour of Italian summer fun.

  • I will discuss 4 different wines for summer, their regions, history and food pairings.

  • You will learn some essential Italian vocabulary.

  • We will share stories about Italy while connecting with other lovers of Italy.

  • Participants will receive a discount for future Immerse Italy events and courses.

Sign up for a free virtual Italian mini-vacation: Register in advance

Feel free to pass along the invite any lovers of Italy, wine, culture, language, travel and good vibes that might want to join!

A giovedì,


P.S. About the picture: I haven’t been taking many photos of myself lately and completely ran out of newsletter-worthy pics… so Sam and Molly caressing a magnum of Australian rosé will have to do this time around!


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