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A Tour of Italian Chocolate

Ciao amici,

History isn’t sure how chocolate first arrived in Italy, but we do know that since its first European record in the mid-16th century, Italians have had a close relationship with it from milk to dark to gianduia (chocolate hazelnut) to agrumi (citrus) – it’s loved in every form and flavor.

Chocolate started as a treat exclusively for the aristocrats, luckily, this all changed in the early 19th century when production costs decreased and chocolate bars were accessible to the public - yay! Perhaps Italian chocoholics over-indulged because a few years later, there was a supply shortage of cocoa. Not to worry, the pasticcieri in Turin had a genius idea on stretching the little quantity of chocolate they had: grind up hazelnuts from the nearby Langhe region and mix it in with the cocoa! Clearly, it was a huge hit, and this is how we end up with Nutella today.

Do you want to learn more about Italian chocolate? I know you already like it, but the enjoyment is so much greater with understanding and appreciation!

Join me for an Italian Chocolate Tour:

  • You'll get a set of premium Italian chocolates mailed to you.

  • Indulge in a fascinating hour of Italian chocolate history, culture and fun choco-vocabulary.

Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 6-7 pm via Zoom

$35 payable via Venmo, Paypal or Zelle

A presto, Lisa


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