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Tiramisù for you!   

Carissimi amici,

Fa caldo!! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere these days, you’re likely to be sweltering in heat. Italians are typically reluctant to turn on their air conditioners, electricity is more expensive there and they have this condition called the colpo d’aria.

So how do you cool down like an Italian? Of course, there’s gelato, but let’s not overlook the granita, a fruity ice-based drink or the semifreddo, meaning “half-frozen”, it's sweeter than gelato and with a yolk, cream, and sugar base. As someone who doesn’t care much for iced coffee, I would gladly intake my daily caffeine via tiramisù. In fact, when you break down the name, it implies exactly this purpose: tira (pull) mi (me) (up).

Years ago, a friend from Siena, the dessert capital of Tuscany, taught me the traditional tiramisu recipe. It’s one of my favorite dishes to make as it’s easy, crowd-pleasing and always makes a great impression at parties! The the classic coffee (with a dash of booze) is my go-to, but tinkering with fruit, spices and matcha variations is fun too.

Would you like to make the authentic tiramisù recipe all while learning this famous dessert's history, origin and picking up some glamorous Italian vocabulary? Trust me – all this is handy to have in your back pocket. Plus, what a wonderful dish to share with friends you haven’t seen in ages, just make sure to sneak away a scoop for breakfast the next day!

Will you join me, in person (if vaccinated) for a tiramisù making class? I have locations available in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The class will last about 1.5 hours and cost $50, all inclusive!

When works for you?

Also – don’t forget the Tropical Notes Wine Class… a paper umbrella is waiting in your wine glass!

Vi voglio bene,



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