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The Post-Italy Glow 

Ciao amici,

I hope your summer is off to a good start! Scusatemi for the delay in my regular newsletter cadence, I was relaxing in the Finger Lakes for a little while. The nature and local wine worked their magic, so here I am!

I’ve discovered a lot of New York State in the past year, including all three wine regions. Those who have known me since before the pandemic know that I love to travel, I mean seriously travel, and most often fearlessly solo. Many of these far-off destinations came thanks to a career in travel, which now seems like a few lifetimes ago.

Of all the places I’ve visited, no post-travel glow burns brighter and longer than a trip to Italy. I spend a lot of time preparing students for their future trip to Italy, but now that so many of you have recently gone and come back, I see that you want to keep the Italian vibes alive!

I’m here to help you do just that – whether you just got off the plane yesterday or your last trip to Rome was a decade ago, this class is for you. Join me for a 4-class series, early intermediate level, where you can pick up where you left off with Italian. Perhaps parli un po’ d’italiano, you can order your coffee and know the gelato flavors, but you want to learn more while you wait for the next trip to Italia.

Here's your class:

Lo Splendore d’Italia

When: Scheduling is flexible, but I’ll suggest Thursday evening or Saturday early afternoon, on Zoom.

What: 4-class series where you can share your experience in Italy and continue learning Italian.

How much: $150 all-inclusive

My website is undergoing some major changes, I’ll have a fast and easy check out very soon, for now, please reply to this email or write directly to to sign up.

Ci vediamo presto!! Lisa


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