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Buona Festa della Donna!

Ciao amici!

Buona Festa della Donna! Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day and I can guarantee that in Italy, women throughout the country are receiving mini-bouquets of mimosas… and sneezing.

While the holiday was first celebrated in other parts of Europe in 1911, it eventually made its way to Italy in 1922. Over two decades later, in 1946, the Italian Women’s Union chose the mimosa flower as the symbol for their Festa. And why the mimosa? It’s conveniently in season in early March, abundant and inexpensive so that every woman could give and receive a bunch.

I encourage celebrating the awesomeness of women everyday, but since there’s a specified date for it on the calendar, here are some ways to commemorate the great achievements of women alla italiana:

A bouquet of yellow flowers: Mimosa is the official flower, but did you know that it's a type of wattle originating in Australia? If you can’t get your hands on any mimosa, a cheerful handful of daffodils will do!

Drink a mimosa: Are you glad they aren’t called “wattles”? That would not be appetizing for brunch. But seriously: pour some prosecco in a flute glass and dilute it with orange juice, it’s the easiest cocktail on the planet (so no need to buy a canned mimosa cocktails people).

Torta mimosa: Think layers of sponge cake with lemony whipped cream filling, it’s the perfect light and fluffy dessert to welcome in the Spring! I miss seeing this “first sign of Spring” in pastry shop windows around Florence. (I will translate the recipe if anyone wants to make it.)

How are you showing solidarity for women today? Just as an FYI, there is an International Men’s Day, it falls on the same date as World Toilet Day, which is November 19th, and also my birthday.

Grazie della vostra lettura!

Un abbraccio



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