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A Very Italian 2022!

Carissimi Amici,

Jumping into Italian language and culture is a New Year’s resolution that you’re going to be excited to keep. Even if you don’t think you have many opportunities to converse with others in Italian, the language can bring a wealth of understanding and enjoyment in so many other areas of life:

The arts Learning Italian can help you further appreciate for beauty in life. In art and architecture, for example: basilica, mezzanine, portico and stucco are all Italian words. Allegro, coda, forte and tremolo are a few musical terms originating from Italian.

Cucina italiana Italian cuisine is so much more than pizza, pasta and gelato – Learn more about Italian ingredients such as pistacchi, fagioli, piadine, styles of olive oil and variations on pesto so you can experiment and expand your Italian cooking.

Escape There’s a reason why I have nearly 100% student retention. Just like being invited to an Italian family’s home, my classes are a friendly space with a humorous atmosphere where you will find supportive amici while learning.

Prep for your next trip No matter how many times we’ve had to postpone our return to Italy, the Eternal City is still waiting for us. Until someone invents a face mask with language translating capabilities – you should prepare yourself with Italian beforehand!

And on that trip - Culture As someone who has lived in Italy’s most touristy cities, let me help you blend in and avoid the regrettable passi falsi.

Learning Italian will brighten your lifestyle, no matter where are or what you do for a living, I can promise that. To be honest, it’s going to be a long road to fluency, but Immerse Italy turns tedious Italian grammar into an intriguing craft you’ll want to master! And of course, the food and wine help!

I have classes running for all levels from beginner to advanced and my classes are tailored for your interests and goals. Not sure how far you want to go? Sign up for a the 4-week bootcamp just to dip your toes, commit to learning and you’ll be swimming around Capri while singing in Italian. (Ok, this situational result is not an Immerse Italy guarantee, but I guarantee that you will be able to sing in Italian somewhere!)

Buon anno amici! Ci sentiamo nel 2022!!

Un abbraccio,



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