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Summer Maintenance Classes

Ciao a tutti! Come va l’estate? As the weather (rather reluctantly this year) heats up to summer take a second to check on the status of your Italian skills. This is a super social time of year – BBQs, sports events, spring fever, beach time, vacations, hikes, graduations… don’t let Italian slip through the cracks. Maintain what you have worked hard to learn and keep your fascination rolling, wherever you are in Italian language and culture.

Immerse Italy understands that committing to a weekly class may not fit your busy schedule throughout the summer, that’s why we’re organizing Summer Maintenance Classes. These classes are intended for conversation and to review your language skills – there’s always room for learning more but the focus here is really to keep the language fresh in your mind, so don’t forget una parola!

The class schedule is flexible and based on group availability… let’s say just twice a month. In between classes, you will receive extra learning materials to read and practice as well as unlimited email feedback and assistance. Skype attendance is an option as well.

Classes are forming at all levels: Intermediate-Advanced, Beginner-Intermediate and Beginner. There is also buzz for an Italian Discussion Group where we share tips, stories and plans about our recent and/or upcoming Italian travels…. Accompanied by wine of course.

If you want to get in on a language and/or travel class – reply with your name and skill level to

The Orange Wine class is in the works… how about in a few weeks? Details forthcoming.

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