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REE-sool-TAH-tee, risultati - is how you say results in Italian. The more I teach, the more evident the results of doing what I love appear and are reflected through my social learning experiences.

We travel to Italy for the atmosphere: cities are like outdoor museums, walled or with rolling mountains overlooking the sea, the smell of focaccia, salty air, ancient musty brick… ok, I really can go on and on here. These nostalgic sensations of Italy effortlessly arise from my language and wine classes, creating a momentary Mediterranean escape. This feeling is Immerse Italy, “L’Italia ovunque” (Italy everywhere) – Italy can come to you.

As driving through the Tuscan countryside is full of as many twists, turns, bumps and unforeseen roundabouts, so is the language. I’m telling you guys - this language is not easy. My classes foster a kind, supportive, intellectual atmosphere resulting in a fun wine-fueled educational Italian getaway. These experiences bring a bounty of knowledge that leads to a deeper understanding of not only Italy and the language, but also sheds light on the interconnectedness of cultures.

If you would like to take part in the next Italian escape – please stayed tuned for the upcoming class on Italy and Orange Wines, a topic that I will be presenting by popular demand. This will be a unique class showcasing orange wines from Italy and other parts of the world, how wine traditions shaped the Ancient world and are remerging in today’s market.

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