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Wine Professionals

Lisa Saunders is a wine sales representative at Domenico Valentino wine merchants in New York City

Is your book Italian-focused?

Do you work with importers and winemakers from Italy?

Learning Italian through a wine-focused lens is the asset you need to advance your career!

Can learning key wine-related Italian help you sell your product?  


As a fellow wine professional, I have been studying Italian wine for the past 10 years (and always learning!)


We’ve already worked our way through the labyrinth of Italian wine laws, classifications, and inconsistent bottle labels – here’s the opportunity to connect with your partners in Italy by learning Italian with all the important oenological vocabulary and nuances for the wine industry.


Please see Learn Italian for levels

Or see Booking  for a company event


*Topics can be customized to meet your needs.

Image by Kelsey Knight

Intro to wine tasting class

You enjoy wine and want to learn how to appreciate and better understand (whether you agree or disagree) with wine descriptions. Learn to stand on your own and never fall for marketing again – take this course and acquire the tools for assessing wine on your own accord. Discover what you like and why! This class will provide you with the knowledge and vocabulary that will help you expand your boundaries while weeding out what you don’t like.


Have you taken wine classes before or read a book on wine? There are so many basic textbook-style 101 classes out there. My classes are the very opposite! You will be presented with practical knowledge on wine that you can take with you to any social setting. Learn how to find the best values while establishing how to assess your perception of wine.


In this two-hour class you will bond with your classmates while learning about the structure, styles and winemaking techniques


Nothing stuffy, just fun, relevant and fascinating guidance that will serve you well.

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